Our team

Creators passionnate about wellness


Founder & CEO

A talented, passionate, and visionary businessman, he took his first steps into the world of business at age 20. His entrepreneurial instinct is truly the source of his motivation and the field of health and wellness would guide him towards what would become the largest spa in North America.

He has become a pioneer in the spa and the health, and wellness industry. His philosophy is simple: to succeed, you must be passionate about the work, and committed to projects. He has a vision of a flexible, motivated, and constantly changing company.

A creator of wellness experiences and the motor that drives the company to distinguish itself, Martin is always on the lookout for new concepts. He draws inspiration from what others in this field are doing around the world and, surrounded by experts, he innovates to push Nordik ever further.

He is actively involved with TEC Canada, a group for CEOs to exchange information on self improvement and expanding their knowledge. To fulfill his primary mission of making a difference in people’s lives, he is socially involved with community organizations, such as the Moisson Outaouais regional food bank, the Maison Libère-Elles, the Quebec Cancer Foundation, and the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO).

Martin has distinguished himself through his innovation and leadership in the tourism domain and in the Nordic spa industry. In 2013, Martin was named tourism personality of the year by Tourisme Outaouais and business personality of the year by Le Droit and Radio-Canada.


Co-owner & Senior VP

Daniel Gingras is a prominent businessman in the Outaouais Region, known as an insightful strategist with a vast knowledge of the business world. He has more than 20 years of experience in marketing, communications, and project management.

He was the first to believe in the project. An avid adventurer driven by a fiery passion for entrepreneurship, Daniel welcomes each project as an opportunity to overcome a new challenge. He dives into new projects, surrounds himself with skilled people, and does all he can to accomplish a project’s goals, ensure its success, and above all, see the company flourish. Since the opening of Nordik Spa-Nature, Daniel has also shown unparalleled management abilities which have positively influenced the whole spa management team. Daniel encourages his team to adopt innovative strategies that highlight the many features of the spas.

As VP of marketing and corporate development at the Nordik Group, he oversees the creation of value, ensuring the company’s growth and seeking out new business opportunities. To do this he identifies, evaluates, and executes projects such as strategic investments, partnerships, or acquisitions, in spas and hotels associated with the wellness and relaxation industry. He is also involved in the business community and participates in the overall development of the region by investing in projects and sports organizations. He is the governor of the Gatineau Olympiques, a major junior hockey team, and sat on Outaouais Tourism’s board of directors for several years.

Alexandre Cantin

VP of Growth and Development

Passionate about the business world, Alexandre holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration with a specialization in marketing. Over the years, he has become a seasoned project manager with experience in managing real estate projects and developing growth plans. Alexandre worked in this capacity for five years with Sporthèque, an accomplished family business in the physical fitness industry that has been a staple in the National Capital Region for over 35 years.

Having clearly demonstrated his vast potential in the region’s business community, he was recruited by Groupe Nordik in 2016 and appointed as Head of Corporate Development. Tasked with advising executive management and implementing concrete strategies to ensure the company’s growth and development, Alexandre’s natural talent allowed him to excel in this position. In 2019, he was named Vice President of Growth and Development.

Today, Alexandre works to develop business models, manage and build capital projects, and provide support to the design team. A major asset for the company, he stands out for his ability to foster business relationships, develop solutions, and implement them with rigour and precision. Thriving on challenges, he continually seeks to uncover new opportunities, from partnerships to asset acquisitions, that will create value for Groupe Nordik and propel it to the top of the wellness industry.

Marianne Trotier

Director, public relations and medias

With a degree in education, a passion for tourism and communication, a sommelier certificate, and an extensive knowledge of customer service, Marianne’s significant experience and expansive skillset have made her an essential member of the Nordik team since its very beginnings.

After a few years spent in the restaurant industry, Marianne joined the team in 2005, three months before the grand opening of Nordik Spa-Nature. She was recruited as a consultant to help set up and launch the spa’s first restaurant, Restö. Over the years, Marianne carved out her place within the Nordik Group. Thanks to her expertise, reliability, professionalism, vast knowledge of the product, and deep sense of belonging to the company, Marianne earned her appointment as spokesperson and head of public and media relations.

Marianne has since become the face and voice of the company. She works in close collaboration with the various internal teams to initiate actions that promote and spread the values of the Nordik Group. Her ultimate goal: to always offer the best service to our guests, as though we were welcoming them into our home.

The ambience creators

Projects and design team

The Nordik Group believes that design is a primary conduit for emotions and ambience. The team is made up of professionals who work in harmony to create relaxation spaces and work environments where people want to be, in an atmosphere of wellness and in total symbiosis with nature.

Everything is done right here, from project conceptualization to realization, always for the purpose of achieving the Nordik feeling stamped with warmth and authenticity. Guided by the clear and innovative vision of the founding president and driven by social and ecological awareness, the team is also committed to staying at the forefront of technological developments and strives to continue improving the efficiency of Nordik’s facilities so as to protect the environment and the planet for the benefit of future generations.

Because all senses contribute to the Nordik experience, the project and design team is mandated to set a stage that inspires rest and relaxation by proposing a wellnessbased décor. Each detail is carefully considered and incorporated to bring the Nordik brand to life.

Guardians of the brand

The Marketing and Communications Team

Nordik Group has formed its own internal agency made up of diversely talented professional creators whose mandate is to protect and maintain Nordik’s brands. Driven by a common passion for communications and marketing, they are involved in the decisions made at each step of a project, from ideation to market introduction. Always looking for new ways to offer Nordik’s guests unique relaxation experiences, the team makes every effort to protect the Nordik image and guarantee the quality of the services offered.

Through various initiatives, the team verifies quality and develops commercialization and communication strategies so that each Nordik Group brand has its own chance to shine. In that regard, the team creates and coordinates ad campaigns, carries out market research, generates content, ensures the brands’ effective presence in the digital world, and works with the media and with people renowned for their influential ability.

The team’s strength is built on the way each member complements the others. They are a force of creativity, strategy, diligence, and innovation that generates real results and that drives the company at the top of the health and wellness industry.

Technology is at the core of the Nordik experience

The information technology (IT) management team

Information technology is a key element in developing and fulfilling the mission of Nordik Group. A multidisciplinary team of devoted professionals is tasked with brainstorming strategies, ensuring the development of innovative platforms, and managing the operation of the company and spa IT infrastructure.

The principal mandate of this team is to continuously improve the client experience, from the planning phase to the experience itself. The team members act as advisors, with their primary goal being to encourage the integration of technology into every aspect of the Nordik Group’s health and wellness centres. From the initial concept to defining guest experiences through spa development and operation, technology is at the core of the Nordik experience.

Innovation is a key ingredient to Nordik Group’s success. Technology is used as an essential support structure to reach the objectives of various spas. Always seeking innovative solutions and new products, the IT management team actively contributes to propelling the company to the summit of the industry.

The Nordik workshop

For wellness artists and artisans

The Nordik Group wants to distinguish itself not only through its innovative and authentic rejuvenation experiences, but also through the atmosphere it creates for its guests to indulge in those experiences. That’s why everything from the furniture to the decorative and useful furnishings is Made in Nordik!

A dedicated workshop is housed at the company’s corporate office. This cradle of creation is reserved for artisans, cabinetmakers, and carpenters who harness their special skills to design and handcraft Nordik signature furnishings. All aspects of the furnishings are designed and customized here, from the choice of materials to the sizes, styles, textures, and Nordik signature. Each item is unique and crafted with passion and care.

In the spirit of environmental protection, our artisans prefer to reuse raw materials and give them a second life, thus contributing to the atmosphere created in the spas and workplaces. Putting their skills to the service of wellness every day, these artisans have Nordik’s full trust, whether they’re crafting numerous copies of the same piece of furnishing or a unique piece.