Committed to making a difference in people’s lives

And adding a dose of well-being to the community

To fulfill its primary mission of making a difference in people’s lives, Groupe Nordik is socially involved with community organizations, foundations, health and services centres and organizers of various events. It is of great importance to the company to tangibly contribute to the well-being of people in the community by providing human and financial support to organizations working to improve mental and physical health.

Each year, 1% of the sales revenue is used, through various actions, to participate in initiatives likely to improve the life of people in our community, and to support such initiatives.

Partners for everyone’s wellness

Since starting its health and wellness adventure, the Nordik Group has made a commitment to helping various organizations in their activities.

  • $110 000 donated to The Quebec Cancer Foundation
  • $30 000 donated to Moisson Outaouais
  • $40 000 donated to The Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario
  • Nordik Baskets and gift-certificate offered to the Maison Mathieu-Froment-Savoie events since 2005.
  • The ALS Society of Quebec: View the Ice Bucket Challenge video (2014)
  • $4 000 donated to the Maison Libère-Elles
  • $16 000 donated to la Maison des Collines, palliative care

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